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Ana Luísa Correia

Principal Investigator @ Champalimaud Foundation

Ana Luisa Correia received her BSc in Applied Biology from the University of Minho, Portugal, in 2006. She started her career in breast cancer research in the laboratory of Fernando Schmitt (University of Minho), studying how dysfunctional cell-cell adhesions lead to breast cancer progression.

In 2008, Ana Luisa joined the GABBA Ph.D. program from the University of Porto, and she ventured to California to explore the role of the microenvironment in breast cell invasion at the laboratory of Dr. Mina Bissell (Lawrence Berkeley Lab, USA). In 2014, Ana Luisa started her postdoc in Dr. Mohamed Bentires-Alj’s laboratory (University of Basel, Switzerland), where she explored tissue-specific mechanisms that control progression of breast cancer from dormant to metastatic.

Ana Luisa's research has redefined key concepts at the intersection of Cancer Dormancy, Inflammation, and Immunity, and resulted in a major publication in Nature. Ana Luisa has been awarded a prestigious EMBO postdoctoral fellowship, 3 grants as Project Leader, and a number of international awards such as the 2021 Metastasis Research Prize, the 2022 Pfizer Oncology, and the AACR 2022 NextGen Stars Award.

Ana Luisa is now a Principal Investigator at the Champalimaud Foundation, where she leads the Cancer Dormancy & Immunity Lab.

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This symposium is supported by QuantOCancer Project funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement Nº 810653.