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Ana Paiva

Professor of Computer Science @Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon

Prof. Ana Paiva is a Professor of Computer Science at Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon investigating the creation of intelligent interactive systems by designing “social agents” that can interact with humans in a natural and social manner. She is also a fellow at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University. Over the years she has addressed this problem by engineering social agents that exhibit specific capabilities, including emotions, personality, culture, non-verbal behavior, empathy, and collaboration, among others.  Her more recent research combines methods from artificial intelligence with social modelling  to study hybrid societies of humans and machines.  In particular she is investigating how to  engineer agents that lead to more prosocial and altruistic societies.

She has published extensively and received best paper awards in several conferences, notably, she won the Blue Sky Awards at the AAAI in 2018.  She has further advanced the area of artificial intelligence and social agents worldwide, having served for the Global Agenda Council in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics of the World Economic Forum and as a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of Science Europe. She is an EurAI fellow.

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