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Cyrus Ghajar, PhD 

Public Health Sciences Division/Translational Research Program

Center for Metastasis Research Excellence (MET-X)
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center

Seattle, WA (USA)

Cyrus Ghajar, PhD is a Professor within the Translational Research Program at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center, where he holds the Peter S. Lefkarites Memorial Endowed Chair.

At the Hutch, he directs the Laboratory for the Study of Metastatic Microenvironments, which aims to understand how tissue microenvironments regulate the phenotype of disseminated tumor cells (DTCs). Specifically, his laboratory is working to understand how niches throughout the body influence the survival, growth, therapeutic resistance and immune surveillance of DTCs, and how local and systemic changes impact their colonization potential. His ultimate goal is to translate findings from his laboratory to prevent metastasis in patients.

More recently, Professor Ghajar was appointed as the founding director of the Center for Metastasis Research eXcellence (MET-X) at the Hutch. The mission of this new Center is the creation of financial and intellectual infrastructure necessary for the conduct of innovative, interdisciplinary research aimed at curing Stage IV/metastatic disease.

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