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Elaine Fuchs, PhD 

Rebecca C. Lancefield Professor
HHMI, The Rockefeller University

New York, USA

Elaine Fuchs is renowned for her research in skin biology, its stem cells and associated disorders, including cancers and inflammation, and has published >370 manuscripts. She received her Ph.D. from Princeton, postdoctorate at MIT, and has been faculty at University of Chicago and now Rockefeller University, where she is an Investigator of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Her awards include the National Medal of Science, L’Oreal-UNESCO Award, International Society for Stem Cell Research Innovation Award, the Gairdner International Award and most recently the Benjamin Franklin Medal. Fuchs holds membership in the National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Medicine, American Philosophical Society, Pontifical Academy of Sciences, and the Royal Society and she has received honorary degrees from a number of institutions including Harvard University.  Fuchs’ current research in cancer is on squamous cell carcinomas, with a focus on how tissue stem cells that acquire an oncogenic RAS mutation alter their communication with their microenvironment to set them on a path to cancer. Her team uses mice as a model to unearth mechanisms that pertain to human cancers.

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