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Evangelos Giampazolias, PhD

Group Leader
Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute

Manchester, UK

Evangelos Giampazolias received his BSc in Chemistry (2009) and MSc in Clinical  Biochemistry (2012) from the University of Athens in Greece. During his PhD (2012- 2016) at the CRUK Beatson Institute (Glasgow, UK), he discovered the pro inflammatory signals that accompany caspase-independent cell death and their  impact on cancer immunity. For this, he was awarded the Institute of Cancer Sciences  Prize (2017) and the CRUK Pontecorvo Prize (2018). Evangelos subsequently joined  the group of Professor Caetano Reis e Sousa at the Francis Crick Institute (London,  UK) as a Postdoctoral Fellow. There, he identified that the plasma actin-scavenging  system dampens cancer immunity by hijacking immune mechanisms of dead cell  sensing in the tumour microenvironment. He was granted an innovation patent (2020)  to explore the therapeutic potential of these findings as novel immunotherapies.  Further to this, Evangelos studied the influence of host-microbiome interactions in  cancer immunity. He identified hosts factors that dictate the ability of gut microbiota to  promote systemic anti-tumour immune responses. In 2023, Evangelos established his  group at the CRUK Manchester Institute, which focuses on the characterisation of the  mechanisms that enable the immune system to respond to cancer through integration  of cues that are elicited by dying cells and commensal microbes.

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