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Ian Jordan, PhD

RyvivyR Inc.

Centereach, New York, United States

Ian D. Jordan received a BS degree in electrical engineering, specializing in control systems from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, in 2017 and a PhD in computational applied mathematics and statistics from Stony Brook University, in 2022. He was a postdoc with the Department of Neurobiology and Behavior at Stony Brook University until mid-2023, and is currently the CEO of the neurotechnology company, RyvivyR Inc. (formed in 2021). Ian’s research interests primarily revolve around the fields of applied dynamical systems theory, control theory, and machine-learning. More specifically, he is involved with these fields’ applications to understanding neurological functions, such as perception, motor function, and decision making, and correcting neurological dysfunctions, including psychiatric disorders, neurodevelopmental disorders, and disorders of consciousness (coma / unresponsive wakefulness syndrome, etc.).