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Julie Helft, PhD

Group Leader
Institut Cochin

Paris, FR

Julie Helft leads the “Phagocyte and Cancer Immunology'' lab at Institut Cochin in Paris and co-directs the “Cancer” division of the institute. During her PhD in France and post-doctoral trainings in the US (Mount Sinai School of Medicine NYC, Miriam Merad lab) and the UK (The Francis Crick Institute, London, Caetano Reis e Sousa lab), Julie has made several contributions on the role of dendritic cell subsets in the regulation of T cell immunity. Her lab focuses on deciphering the crosstalks between mononuclear phagocytes and the tumor microenvironment. In particular the lab studies the role of macrophage in regulating CD8+ T cell infiltration and activation within tumors and develops proof of concepts for macrophage-targeted therapies to improve response to checkpoint blockade immunotherapies. The lab also studies the mechanisms underlying the systemic accrual of myeloid cells during cancer development. Julie has recently been awarded the ERC Consolidator grant from the European Research Council.

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