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Julieta Alfonso, PhD

Associate Editor, Nature Cancer
Springer Nature

Heidelberg, DE

Julieta studied Biology and completed her PhD in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology in the lab of Prof. Alberto Carlos Frasch in Argentina. She moved to Germany to work as a postdoc in Prof. Hannah Monyer’s lab at the University Hospital Heidelberg, where she focused on postnatal neurogenesis in mammalian models. She established her group at the Department of Clinical Neurobiology, German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) in 2014. Her team investigated molecular and cellular mechanisms involved in neural cell proliferation and migration in brain development and malignant growth. Specifically, her group focused on the interaction between the vascular and nervous systems in the developing brain and lipid metabolic pathways in glioblastoma. She joined Nature Cancer in January 2024 as an Associate Editor.

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