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Paula Jáuregui, PhD

Senior Editor, Nature Immunology and Nature Microbiology
Springer Nature

Madrid, ES

Paula studied Biology and Biochemistry at the University of Navarre, Spain and a Master in Biotechnology at the Public University of Navarre, Spain. She completed her PhD training under Drs. Damián de Andrés and Ramsés Reina at a CSIC center in Pamplona, Spain, where she studied restriction factors against lentiviruses. During that period, she spent six months in Dr. Greg Towers’ laboratory at the University College London (UCL). After obtaining her PhD, she conducted postdoctoral research at the laboratory of Dr. Nathaniel Landau at New York University, where she studied HIV accessory proteins and restriction factors. Then, she moved to Innsbruck, Austria to join the laboratory of Dr. Doris Wilflingseder to study the role of innate immunity in HIV pathogenesis. Paula started her editorial career in 2019 at Nature Microbiology. After a year, she joined the PLOS Biology team to handle microbiology and immunology. Paula joined Nature Microbiology and Nature Immunology in January 2024 and is based in the Madrid office.

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