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Philippe Bousso, PhD

Institut Pasteur

Paris, FR

Philippe Bousso is an immunologist heading the Department of Immunology and the Dynamics of Immune Responses laboratory at Institut Pasteur. With the help of innovative imaging approaches, his research aims at understanding and manipulating immune responses in the context of disease pathogenesis. His lab helped redefine the process of T cell activation in vivo. His work in the field of infectious diseases introduced the concept of tissue-wide immunity to effectively control intracellular pathogens. His lab also characterized a novel cellular pathway for graft rejection. Finally, in the context of tumor immunity, his group uncovered the mode of action of anti-CD20 therapy and the mechanism regulating the anatomical segregation of GVL and GVHD. He also characterized the cellular interactions regulating CAR T cell therapy. PB is an EMBO member and awardee of a Starting and an Advanced ERC Grants.

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