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Pierre Guermonprez, PhD

Unit Head
Institut Pasteur

Research Director

Paris, FR

Pierre Guermonprez obtained his PhD in 2000 at the university Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris and Institut Pasteur Paris under the supervision of Pfr Leclerc at the Immunology Department. PG joined the Institut Curie in Paris for a postdoctoral training under the supervision of Sebastian Amigorena. PG joined the CNRS as a staff scientist and developped his how research group at the INSERM u520 “Immunity and cancer” from 2004 to 2007. In 2007, PG joined the Rockefeller University in New York to work as a research associate in the Department of Molecular Immunology headed by Michel Nussenzweig. In 2012, PG open the “Phagocyte Immunobiology” laboratory and joined the King’s College London faculty in London, United Kingdom, in the department of Immunobiology headed by Pfr Adrian Hayday. In 2020, PG moved to the University of Paris Medical School at the Claude Bernard hospital. In 2023, PG was promoted first class research director at CNRS and opened the “Dendritic cell and Adaptive Immunity” unit at the Institut Pasteur, in the immunology department headed by P. Bousso. PG research interrogates i) the basic biology of dendritic cells and their contribution to immune responses against cancer and infections, T lymphocytes responses in particular, ii) the development of innovative translational approach to harness the immunogenic properties of dendritic cells in vaccines and cancer immunotherapies.

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