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Sarah Garfinkel, PhD

Professor of Clinical and Affective Neuroscience
Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience
University College London

London, United Kingdom

Sarah Garfinkel is Professor of Clinical and Affective Neuroscience at the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, University College London (UCL), where she leads the Clinical and Affective Neuroscience Group. She completed her PhD in Experimental Psychology at the University of Sussex, before undergoing a fellowship in Psychiatry and Neuroscience at the University of Michigan. At the Brighton and Sussex Medical School she underwent further training in autonomic neuroscience before transitioning to UCL in September 2020. Her current work focuses on brain-body interactions underlying emotion and cognition in clinical groups, with a particular focus on the heart. In 2018, Sarah was selected as one of 11 researchers on the international Nature Rising Stars Index across all STEM disciplines, and in 2021 she was awarded the 'mid-career' award from the British Association for Cognitive Neuroscience. 

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